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Rainbow Riches Megaways Slot Overview

Rainbow Riches Megaways
Rainbow Riches Megaways

What is Rainbow Riches Megaways

Rainbow Riches’ success has played a huge part in the creation of multiple sequels and spinoffs based on a single game which is the Original Rainbow Riches. Rainbow Riches Megaways is another one of the Rainbow Riches game installments. What makes this game different from them is its main feature which is the Megaways mechanic. If you haven’t heard of this mechanic in slot games, worry not as we will provide you with everything you need to know about this game’s mechanics and other necessary details. And without further ado, here are the basic things you need to know about Rainbow Riches Megaways

How to Play Rainbow Riches Megaways

There are various steps that are similar to how you usually play slot games. First of all, set a preferred bet that is comfortable for you. Since this game has a fixed or constant number of ways to win, choosing a number of paylines won’t be needed. In this case, adjusting your bet is adjusting the coin’s value and size. 

Start the game by simply pressing the “spin” button. Since this game mainly features the Megaways mechanic, expect up to 117, 649 ways of winning that can be triggered. In every spin you make, the number of symbols on each reel will be different. Moreover, the number of rows will also change. 

The winning combinations in this game are basically like how other Rainbow Riches require. All you need to do is land matching symbols in the reels and you receive a payout. You need to check the payout details in the game’s interface in order for you to have additional information about them. 

The cascading reels featured by Megaways mechanics are where the winning symbols are removed and replaced. The new symbols will provide you with another potential winning combination in a spin. If you are content with the 

Bonuses Information

Free Spins – You can win a free spins bonus when at least four Pot symbols appear in the reels after a spin. Activating this bonus usually gives you 12 free spins. What makes free spins great in this game is that whenever a +1, +2, or +3 symbol appears in the game at the end of the spin, these numbers will award you additional free spins. 

Super Gem Bonus – This bonus will be activated when a Super Gem Symbol appears on the top reel. This can be in any position. All gems in the reels will be transformed by the Super Gem. And take note that this symbol is randomly selected. Before you take the prize, the gem symbols that were transformed will be evaluated first. Basically, nothing changes in this game aside from the prizes you can win that are increased. What makes this bonus engaging is the way it offers the players many opportunities to increase their winnings. 

Tips and Tricks

  1. The Megaways mechanics are very important to understand because of how they provide you with an insane amount of winning combinations. Because otherwise, you might wonder why you are winning despite the weird combinations you are seeing. 
  1. Always place your stake responsibly because having that much winning combination does not mean it is proportional to the prizes you can win. 
  1. The auto-spin feature in this game is a great tool to utilize because you can have an efficient experience with less effort in your gameplay experience. 


What is the RTP of Rainbow Riches Megaways?

Rainbow Riches Megaways has an RTP of 96.00%. Take note that this is not necessarily applicable to you since every player’s rewards will always vary. 

How much can I win in Rainbow Riches Megaways?

The maximum payout in this game is 50x to 10,000x. This occurs when you land a six-of-a-kind sequence of diamonds. Though it’s only 50x which is definitely less than other slot games, this can be easily compensated because of the Megaways mechanics. 

Is there a free spins in this game?

Yes, in fact, one of the bonuses in this game features the Free Spins bonus. The amount of free spins may vary depending on the additional awards you can get. More information about it can be seen in the Bonuses Information section.